Small to Medium Business IT

Have you ever wondered why your toughest competitors always seem to land the ideal clients, routinely attract the top talent, or just seem to be a step ahead of everyone else? Chances are they have the right technology strategies in place and know how to get the most from their IT.

Now IT Works provides valuable evaluation, advice, planning, and implementation of a strategy to make your business more efficient and more productive. We’ll help you with:

With Now IT Works you can improve employee productivity and efficiency, increase production levels when needed, and streamline systems to raise your return on investment, all by using applications and tools specific to your industry.

Ways to Get Better IT for Your Company:

Here are a few ways to get you thinking how to improve the business within your business or company:

  • Build a relationship with someone who will put time into understanding you and your business
  • Strategize on how to make the technology follow the business objectives and goals
  • Secure the things that matter to you from anyone who shouldn’t see it (internal or external resource)
  • Streamline the business operations through using software you already own

Align your Business and Technology

Improve Productivity

Get more from your people

Generate More Value

Streamline your business process

Grow Your Business

Leverage your technology

A Better Bottom Line

Make your budget go further

An efficient, friendly helpdesk to support your users and maintain operations.

Keep your workstations, servers, and company data safe with enterprise-grade security and virus protection.

Comprehensive support, monitoring, and consulting in a simplified model.

Protect your business from catastrophic data and productivity loss with simple, yet powerful backups.

Put your company email, documents, calendars, and contacts in a secure cloud.

We set up, managed and monitor your core IT infrastructure to keep your business running without interruption.


Choose from powerful solutions designed to position your business for growth and success.

A solid foundation is the key to sustained growth. First we standardize then we optimize to prepare your business for growth and acceleration.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Difficult situation, happy to have Chris on our team!  Thanks for all of your support.  Your team has been outstanding (as always).”

“I’m glad to be using NIW – I hear horror stories of bad customer service and excuses from my clients about their IT and I’m saying – you should be working with Now IT Works.”

“While you can get technology from a number of places, the key element is who is delivering the service?  We just found that the commitment for delivering the product was there they have the technology, they have the skills”

“Working in a partnership allows us to increase our efficiencies within the office and make sure that everything is up to date and it really helps us to plan our road-map as to where we are going.”

Align your Business and Technology

 And get more from your people, processes, technology and  budget.