Business Continuity


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Business Continuity

Business Continuity is about making sure your business continues to ‘DO’ what it’s supposed to while there is a business disaster. It’s common for folks to believe that Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are the same things.

Disaster recovery is about a series of business process to reestablish business operations. Many MSP can help you accomplish Disaster Recovery Processes, and these should go within your BC plan.

Life throws its curve balls; regardless, your company must be able to provide consistent dependable service. Is your computer system resilient enough to withstand failures and outages without disrupting your daily production or compromising services for your clients?  Does your staff know how to keep your business operating during these type of events?

What You’ll Get With Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Knowing that your business is covered during outages will bring peace of mind. You can avoid chaos, stress, lost revenue and frustrated clients if you prepare for these types of events when everything is running normally.


  • Fully Managed Backup: Another item that could be considered a utility – making sure the backup runs, and fix it if not.
  • Users Restore Their Own Files: Someone deletes a file, now we have to involve IT to restore it? Not anymore, let’s show them how to fix their mistake immediately.
  • Schedule the Recovery: Establish a time to test the DR plan – recover the systems, test them, document the process.
  • Fire Drills: If your company exclusively uses laptops, you check off a task on the BC plan. Implement a few days a year for each user to work remotely.

We ensure your business stays up & running

Effectively servicing clients’ technology takes the right mix of people, process, and tools.

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Here’s Why Our Customers Choose To Partner With Us:

We offer 2 great products

Blue Steel and Level 1. Each program includes an app to help manage the security, backup and maintenance of your devices AND an educational component to help make your team more better (ok, it helps to make them more proficient with the technology in the office as well).

We include 1-click installations.

Within our app, you can immediately install (or upgrade) commonly used utilities, such as Adobe Reader, Java, Flash, CutePDF.  As well as apps used for some of our premier services, Vonage, Streamline, Mesh and SaveIT.

We work with all of your technology vendors.

Whether you are having an issue with your website, your phone vendor or your printer tech – we can help streamline the process and get the desired result communicated to your vendor.


Our team works from a process.

If you’ve never read The E-Myth by Michael Gerber, it’s a must read for any business owner – my take away from that book is the basis for our Streamline app.  Create a process for everything that happens here – both internal and partner-facing; and you will always get the desired result.

When you dial – someone will pick up. 

There is no automated menu to go through, just dial and you’ll get someone on our team.  This is a simple pleasure when dealing with customer service companies – we don’t want you to have to wait to decide which department you need.

We are driven to help you succeed. 

Customer service is king and we know just how important it is for your small business to compete with the big guys. We offer strategies to create intuitive and effective experiences. 

Exceptional customer service

When it comes to customer service, nobody comes close to Now IT Works. No other solutions provider can match our super quick response times, extraordinary customer support, 24/7 proactive piece of mind, or our ability to deliver innovative technology solutions that work exactly how you expect them to.

What Our Clients Are Saying

IT Strategy & Business Planning

“Working in a partnership allows us to increase our efficiencies within the office and make sure that everything is up to date and it really helps us to plan our road-map as to where we are going.”

Francesco P. President | Hartford, CT

Protecting Data & Cloud Computing

“Difficult situation, happy to have Chris on our team!  Thanks for all of your support.  Your team has been outstanding (as always).”

Penny W. Principal | Hartford, CT

Securing Remote Employee Access

“While you can get technology from a number of places, the key element is who is delivering the service?  We just found that the commitment for delivering the product was there they have the technology, they have the skills”

Parker E. President | Hartford, CT

Working With Our Team Is Easy

Your Customized IT Strategy From An IT Partner You Can Trust

  • Schedule your remote introduction

    Meet with one of our Remote Workplace Specialists to identify the core pieces of your business technology and how everything fits in a ‘work from anywhere’ situation.

  • Your customized plan

    We’ll deliver your business strategy showing you what your business would look like if you could access it from anywhere and on any device.

  • Get out of your office

    With your customized plan, you and your staff are ready to work with ease from anywhere and anytime.